About 1Cup

1Cup.co.uk is a brand-new web site, but the people behind it are hardly ‘new kids on the block’!

We started our business, North West Vending, back in 1972, to provide vending ingredients to companies around our ‘home patch’ in the North West of England. Customers liked our service so much that they encouraged us to ‘go the whole hog’, by supplying them with vending machines as well as vending ingredients. We were happy to oblige.

Ever since Day 1, our business has been evolving to meet the changing needs of both our customers and of the marketplace. For instance, these days people expect higher standards of their office coffee than ever before: so, we set up ‘Coffee 1652’, to bring ‘High Street’ coffee quality within the reach of consumers in their places of work.

Now, there’s a new revolution that’s adding a further chapter to the story of office coffee and therefore another chapter in the story of North West Vending. In America they call it ‘single serve’; here we call it ‘1Cup’. Call it what you will – it’s set to have a huge impact on the way we enjoy hot beverages at work.


The world’s best coffees – and teas - delivered by brewing systems designed for use with 1Cup pods that eliminate mess and wastage; that dispense great tasting drinks time after time and offer fantastic value for money. That’s what 1Cup.co.uk brings to you. 

  • Everything you need to enjoy the quality and convenience of a 1Cup system in your UK place of work is right here at 1Cup.co.uk.
  • You’ll find a choice of brewers and a huge range of 1Cup pods to suit every taste right here at 1Cup.co.uk
  • You’ll enjoy a speedy delivery service right here at 1Cup.co.uk
  • Trust the coffee professionals! We’re right here at 1Cup.co.uk

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